On any given weekend during our summer season our youth are spread across our beaches patrolling, competing, participating in our club swims and Sunday sessions; helping with Juniors as age manager assistants, trainers, assistant coaches, officials; training for competitions, training for fitness, volunteering on fundraising activities and just using the chance to catch up and hang out with their friends.

Youth are vital to the future of our club. Our culture is based on inclusivity across our youth age groups, respect, mateship, and participation at all levels. We seek to provide an environment that is safe and supports our youth, challenges them no matter what their skill, competency or fitness level is.

Objectives of our Youth Program


Transition our nippers into patrolling lifesaver members, as well as retaining and developing Youth into more competent and capable lifesavers as they move from SRC to Bronze qualifications as well as other more advanced qualifications.

Surf Sports /

The development of surf sports skills necessary for lifesaving and the lifeguard pathway; To encourage competition, build greater numbers competing, work towards more competition success and team spirit.


Provide the opportunity for the Youth to develop and continue friendships within the Sorrento Youth community in a safe environment and to continue involvement with the Club and the broader community.

Youth U14 to U17 Pathways

There are many ways you can get involved in the SLSWA Youth Program. Find the best fit for you by following the below link to SLSWA’s Youth Pathways page.

Here you will find Links to:

A key outcome of the youth program is to produce skilled and proficient lifesavers. Youth will develop the necessary skills through gaining either a Surf Rescue Certificate at 13 years or Bronze Medallion at 15 years. They can then contribute to Surf Life Saving’s core business of lifesaving through patrolling and ensuring our beaches and community stay safe.

The lifesaving pathway can lead to other Lifesaving Services such as drone patrol, lifeguarding and jet ski operations. Check out our Lifeguard Academy for information about Lifesaving pathways, including the Rookie Lifeguard Program.

For more details on a specific pathway, give us a call on 08 9448 1431 or contact the office on