Provide First Aid

Sorrento surf club encourages all members to obtain First Aid skills. Not only will this provide you with essential knowledge that could help out in any situation in your day to day life at work and at home, it will enhance your ability to help beachgoers at Sorrento. You must be a financial member and at least 15 years of age.

Recent statistics indicate that approximately 75% of the help we provide on patrols is First Aid related. Currently only a minority of patrolling member have any of the more advanced First Aid qualifications (Provide First Aid, ARTC and Pain Management). We need more First Aid qualified members.

ARTC and Pain Management course details are provided under the Education part of this website. Provide (Senior) First Aid is run as a commercial course so that you will receive an award that is recognised both within surf life saving and in the broader work­place. Please contact Paul Berry to find out about the next Provide First Aid course.

In addition to encouraging more members to become qualified in First Aid it is equally important that members gain experience to build their confidence and knowledge. All First Aid qualified members are encouraged to do as many patrols as possible and to volunteer for events where the club provides water safety and First Aid. Additionally it is planned to run a number of scenario sessions throughout the year where members can practise and review skill application for common presentations.

A facebook community has also been set up where members interested in First Aid can discuss tips and tricks and seek feedback on experiences etc to help consolidate and build knowledge. To join the Facebook group, search in facebook for Sorrento Surf Club First Aid Community and request to join this closed group.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to First Aid then please do not hesitate to contact the clubs First Aid Officer.